Robert Killian, Best Ranger Competition winner, joins us this show along with Mike Arnold, the Director of Marketing for Ascent Protein.  We talk working out, Crossfit, circuit training, and nutrition with the guys, and of course what it takes to be a Best Ranger Competition winner.  The guys over at Ascent have been an incredible sponsor that we’re proud to have on board, so it was great to have them on the show.  Be sure to check out Ascent, we love them, and they even gave our listeners a coupon code you can use at checkout, it’s RADIO10

Jack Murphy and I also get into Trump’s appointment of General Michael Flynn, a recent SOFREP Radio guest, as an adviser on foreign policy.  We also talk the speculation that he may be appointing General James “Mad Dog” Mattis as Defense Secretary.  All that and more on Episode 225 of SOFREP Radio, be sure to leave us a review on iTunes so that we can keep growing!