Back on the show is resident veteran expert on all things hacking and cyber security, Coriolanus.  For those unfamiliar, Coriolanus is an all-source fusion intelligence analyst and security engineer who’s been writing for the site since around its inception.  You also have seen his work in contributing crucial information for SOFREP’s e-book “The ISIS Solution.”


On the show we get into a piece Coriolanus wrote a while back that we’ve republished, “Empty Chessboards: Rethinking the Military Intelligence Apparatus” which was a frank rebuttal to General Flynn’s “Fixing Intel: A Blueprint for Making Intelligence Relevant in Afghanistan.”  Although it was written several years ago, it’s more relevant than ever with Flynn’s position as a National Security Adviser to President-elect Donald Trump.  Coriolanus gives his take on Flynn being a part of the team there, our foreign policy in general, and his beef with the DIA.


We get into some unanswered questions for Coriolanus sent to [email protected] which includes some great insight into the San Bernardino iPhone issue from earlier in the year.  Some members of Congress get throat punched by us for their stupidity, and a whole lot more in this episode!  We hope every one of you had a very merry Christmas, happy holidays, and we especially salute all of you stationed far away from home that are serving.  We’ll see you in the new year!

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