This episode is a nice mixture of inspiration, learning, and some humor thrown in as well.  I think that’s what you guys come here for, right?  So, we are joined by two separate guests.  First on the show is our friend Kamal Ravikant, an army veteran turned venture capitalist whose newest book is “Rebirth: A Fable of Love, Forgiveness, and Following Your Heart.”  We get into a discussion of hitting your bottom, what that means, and why it seems that most successful people you meet have at some point hit a bottom in their life that they rebounded from.  The book is out now, and would make a great way to start your year.

Our second guest is SOFREP writer Jay.  You may also remember him on Inside the Team Room: Editor’s Roundtable as Jamie Read.  Jay is a former British Reconnaissance operator now working in private security, and he gets into what is currently happening in Africa that isn’t getting much attention from the mainstream media.  We also hear a very funny drunken story of when Jay came to New York and hung out with Jack Murphy and the rest of the guys here.