On January 29th, SEAL Team 6 carried out a raid in Yemen with its primary target being the al-Qaeda tied Quassim al-Rimi.  SOFREP writer Derek Gannon reported on this days before the mainstream media, and Brandon Webb talks about media outlets being slow on getting the facts out, as well as politicizing the raid.  Derek joins us and gets to the truth of what went on that night, and if the mainstream media’s reports of this being a “failed raid” conducted by President Trump have any basis in fact.


Also joining us is former SEAL Charlie Melton, owner of Charlie Mike Precision.  If you’re in the areas of Magnolia, TX/Normangee, TX and are interested in a long range rifle course or a pistol course from a highly trained special operations professional, this is the guy you want to go to.  Charlie worked with Brandon, and both speak highly of each other’s skills as marksmen.  Charlie was also there the night of the alleged fight between Navy SEALs Chris Kyle and Jesse Ventura, we’ll hear what he has to say about it.