The Dakota Access Pipeline protests caused a huge uproar in the news media, and it was very hard to get a no B.S. perspective as to what actually went down.  Most of the people there whether protesters or journalists had some sort of an agenda and preconceived bias it seemed.  Well, with family who worked in the oil industry, as well as serving with a Ranger of Native American ancestry who was on the ground protesting, Marty saw an opportunity to get the real perspective of what was going down from both sides.  He went there on his own, and the product of his findings can be seen in his article “The True Story of How Standing Rock Fell.”


We also get into Marty’s father (an Army veteran) and his battle with ALS.  Marty has decided to make the rest of his dad’s time here with us as exciting and uplifting as possible, and I personally had the honor of meeting Marty Skovlund Sr. and seeing him in great spirits for a man going through was he currently is.  Marty’s book “Violence of Action: The Untold Stories of the 75th Ranger Regiment in the War on Terror,” a compilation of Ranger’s stories is set for a paperback release soon that we discuss.  Jack Murphy and I also read your e-mails sent to [email protected] and encourage you to keep those coming.