With Donald Trump ordering attacks on Syria after what is seen as more evidence of President Assad gassing his people, Brandon Webb is here to give his take on the history of this issue and where things go from here.  We dig in with how this ties to connections with Russia, and foreign policy at large.  Also joining us is a friend of the show, Navy SEAL and author of “100 Deadly SkillsClint Emerson.  He weighs in on this foreign intervention by Trump, as well as his experience growing up in Saudi Arabia which he plans to cover in his next book.  Clint also has some big news with his upcoming work for gun manufacturer Shadow Gunworks that any of you firearms enthusiasts will not want to miss.

Also joining us this episode is Rich, a photographer and friend of Brandon’s who gives an interesting testimonial about the Crate Club…let’s just say that Rich’s subscription to the club made some panties drop, you’ll have to listen and find out how.  We also talk the Big Mountain Heroes Kickstarter, and urge you all to throw in and be a part of a kick ass project!