We pack a lot into this members show hosted by Brandon Webb.  Starting off, Jason Delgado hops back on to recap his experience flying over New York City with Brandon Webb behind the controls.  Then, a favorite of the show, Navy SEAL Mike Ritland lets loose about the recent Comey testimony, and how he’d handle things if he were in Congress.

Most importantly, we bring back on a favorite of the show, The Odyssean and talk everything from Asian territorial disputes to traditional Japanese cuisine.  Brandon has T.O. tell the story behind a favorite article written by him from years back, “Behind the Japanese Mafia: Dinner with a Yakuza Mob Boss.”  This, you do not want to miss.  Last, we talk about an upcoming feature on the site, movie reviews from a veteran perspective where we’ll have our writers give their take on Hollywood war films.  Where they got it right, where they went wrong, and specifically which parts of the film from dialogue to action sequences were either realistic or unrealistic.  You’ll hear which war movies Brandon and T.O. thought hit the mark, and which missed the target.

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