Can’t get enough of some of the USMC dudes on the show?  We’ll you’re in luck, because SOFREP author James Powell, and CJ Ramone of the Ramones come on this episode, both former Marines (yes, the bassist for arguably the most iconic punk band who was with them since 1989 was in fact a Marine.)  CJ talks about touring the globe the past few years, hitting countries like Cuba and Argentina in support of his solo work (his latest of which is the “American Beauty” album that came out earlier this year, go pick it up!)  Then him and Brandon get into some of the political polarization going on in the punk rock community since Trump taking office, which includes both of their run-ins with Fat Mike of NOFX who’s staunchly left wing.

James Powell then comes on to discuss the ongoing news and hyperbolic mainstream coverage regarding North Korea, and also gives his take as a former intelligence officer with the CIA on the latest ongoing controversy with waterboarding.  He’s also currently working on a piece about world travel post-military after his trip to Iceland and gets into that with us.  We look forward to seeing more from James here on in the near future.