Jason Delgado is with me, and in studio this episode we have 30-year Marine Corps veteran and military fiction author Anderson Harp.  Kicking off this episode however, we get an update from Derek Gannon who attended the recent protests in Dallas to cover the situation involving Antifa, BLM, as well as pro-Trump supporters.  There was a surprising clash that went down between what many would think would be ally groups, and you can read about that in the article, “ANTIFA, unwelcome by Solidarity Movement, clashes with Black Lives Matter in Dallas.”

Anderson joins us to talk about his novel, “Northern Thunder” from his Will Parker series, and although it’s the 2017 book he’s out promoting, it’s actually the first of the series.  To explain that a bit, Anderson wrote “Northern Thunder” over a decade ago which was followed by “Retribution” and “Born of War.” Since that time our friends at Kensington Publishing picked up Harp as an author, and made some updates to the first novel which was then reissued.  “Northern Thunder” which was actually banned in China, is just as relevant today as when Anderson wrote the book, if not more, as it deals with the threat of a nuclear North Korea.  Harp’s books have been praised by the likes of Brad Meltzer, and we expect the SOFREP audience to really dig his work.  Anderson and Jason also talk about the differences they’ve seen in South Korean and Japanese culture from their time in Asia, as well as share some tales from both of their time at the Bridgeport, California Marine Corps base.  Anderson has since obtained his Masters degree, and regularly runs marathons, proving some of the awesome things that one can achieve later on in life after an already distinguished military career.