Back on SOFREP Radio is journalist/filmmaker (and as many of you may know, fiancé of Jack Murphy) Benedetta “Benni” Argentieri.  Benni has contributed her work to some of the most well-known news agencies and publications ranging from Reuters to Al Jazeera, and most recently wrote a piece on female soldiers in Iraq and Syria for The Telegraph.  It’s always a kick having Jack and Benni in studio, because face it, how many couples do you know with in-depth knowledge and on-the-ground experience as journalists in combat zones?  We get into subjects ranging from the heated rhetoric regarding nuclear war coming out of North Korea and the Trump administration, self-described “anarchist” protesters and warfighters and volunteer fighters for groups like the YPG in Syria (something Benni covered in-depth in her film “Our War,” which we hope to have a wider release in the near future.)

Be sure to follow Benni on Twitter @BenArgentieri and keep up with her work on her website at

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