We have a very special guest in studio, Dr. Daniel R. Green, author of “In the Warlords’ Shadow: Special Operations Forces, the Afghans, and Their Fight Against the Taliban.”  The book has received high praise from names like Navy SEAL Dick Couch and Green Beret Scott Mann.  Daniel has an extremely impressive and versatile resume between his service as a Navy reserve officer serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan, receiving his Ph. D. in political science from George Washington University, to now working as a Defense Fellow at The Washington Institute.  If you want to know the ins and outs of counterinsurgency (better known as COIN) in Afghanistan from a man who’s worked on the ground with both Green Berets and Navy SEALs, you need to pick this up.  We discuss the book, some of the differences in tactics from separate branches of special operations, why the U.S. is still maintaining a presence in Afghanistan, and how long we can plan to be there.  Daniel’s written for publications such as The Daily Beast and Foreign Policy, and you can follow him on Twitter @FallujahRedux.