Former CIA Operative and Marine Drew Dwyer is back in studio, and we’re stepping up the visual element of the livestreams as he brings in some really cool disguises he still has from his time in the CIA.  If you want to see what these look like, you can check out the show on our Youtube channel, because the visuals really add to this one.

Some of you may know that Drew is one of the operators behind our Crate Club, so we hear what he’s been up to on that end of the business, and we talk about the latest premium crate which I thought was incredible.  We answer your questions during the livestream as well as your questions sent to [email protected], and also get into the investigation of Russia’s involvement in buying Facebook ads during the election cycle and how it is not as one-sided as many speculated.  This is a surprise to many, but is actually something our writer Coriolanus stated he saw coming on the podcast months ago on Ep. 270.  Proving once again that the writers at are way ahead of the curve in comparison to the mainstream media.