Americans hear the name Glen Doherty and know him as one of the brave Navy SEALs killed while contracting in Benghazi, Libya on September 11th, 2012.  To Sean Lake and Brandon though, they remember their great friend who was an avid skier and put a smile on everyone’s face.  Sean, an experienced snowboarder, lived with Glen from 2010 on and acted as the executive to Glen’s estate when he was killed, and on this episode we hear the story of both Brandon and Sean’s reaction when they heard the devastating news of what happened to their friend that night.  Sean let this tragic event become the catalyst for making change however, when he helped to start the Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation with a simple philosophy in mind borrowed from Glen’s way of life, to work hard and play hard.  Glen “Bub” Doherty also became the inspiration for Bub’s Naturals, a new company created by Sean that produces their own collagen protein powder.  Sean discusses the benefits of collagen, how it appeals to him as an athlete, and why it’s something he could have seen Glen and himself benefiting from during their CrossFit days.  Most importantly, 10% of every sale of Bub’s Naturals goes to the Glen Doherty Memoral Foundation.

We also talk about the future of Hurricane Group, including charitable work we’ve done and what we have in the works on that end.  We also let you know what’s in store for Crate Club members that you will not want to miss, and look back on the premium crate EDC med kit we did last year that was inspired by Glen.  Lastly, Brandon and I throat punch Drew Murray again this show for stealing Jack Murphy’s work.  As always, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @SOFREPRadio, email your questions to [email protected], and with us going back to a free format, we need your help, please leave a five star review for us on Apple Podcasts.