Last month, SOFREP writer Luke Ryan wrote a heart tugging piece titled, “The American Dream in a foster kid turned Ranger” about the story of Curtis Albers.  It was a well received article, though shorter, so it was great to be able to speak more in-depth with Curtis on his life’s story; it’s a must-listen.  Curtis talks about the abuse, racism, and unnecessary drugs he was prescribed, while being circulated from one foster home to another as a youth with his sister.  He then talks about becoming a Ranger, and while deployed, having to hear about the rape of his sister that occurred.  However, Curtis’s story does reveal some light at the end of a very dark tunnel, and it looks like it may be a story that will be brought to the big screen at some point.

Jason and myself also read some rather critical emails sent to [email protected], and address them head on.  We also talk about the current administration’s national security strategy that was laid out, as well as the recent attack in Melbourne.  We went really long this one, and we hope you get something out of it!  With that, we wish a very Merry Christmas to all of our listeners, especially those stationed overseas.  We’ve got your six.