Brigadier General A.J. Tata came back in studio with us, and is releasing yet another novel for 2017 as this year comes to an end.  It’s called “Direct Fire” and it’s the fourth installment in Tony’s Jake Mahegan series.  It’s a stand alone novel, so feel free to start with this latest one.  He tells us all about the concept this time around, and how he drew some inspiration for it from a subject many of our readers are familiar with: the hacking field. Tata talks about fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a fiction author, and the challenge of getting in the head of his characters as he writes.  Be sure to pick up “Direct Fire,” and there’s even a link you’ll see when you go to to gift the book to the men and women stationed overseas fighting on behalf of the U.S.

As a former General, Tata’s expertise lies in much more than just fiction writing of course.  So we also get his view on the latest with Iran and North Korea.  We talk about China handing down its harshest sentence to date as well, giving eight years to a prominent human rights activist.  You’ll also hear some pretty intense stories from Tata’s days in the Army.  So strap in, and enjoy.  We look forward to having Tony back in studio, hopefully with Nick Irving, in May as they release their joint project “Reaper: Ghost Target.”