*Note: This episode was previously released in May to our members.*

We pack a lot of great content into the third installment of our exclusive members podcast as Jack Murphy hosts in studio, and we are joined by Marine Corps network operator Nick Coffman, as well as Green Beret Derek Gannon.  We start off with your email sent to [email protected], and talk about the protests against President Erdogan of Turkey visiting the White House that erupted in violence.  This gets into an interesting discussion about diplomatic immunity.

Derek Gannon jumps on with us for a live hit from SOFIC (Special Operations Forces Industry Conference) telling us all the latest innovations in special operations combat technology.  The most prominent of which seems to be the Tactical Assault Light Operator suit (TALOS) which Derek describes as the real life “Iron Man suit” you’ve seen in the Marvel Comics films starring Robert Downey Jr. With the TALOS suit weighing 400 lbs though, along with other major restrictions Derek gets into, it begs the question, will this really be effective in combat?

Also on for his first appearance is Marine Nick Coffman who tells his story of faith and enlisting beside his childhood friend Sean Pinckney who served as an EOD Marine.  Although this is Nick’s first appearance on the show, you may be familiar with his work that we get into.  Those contributions include getting us the interviews we did with Marine Corps Major and first commanding officer of MARSOC Fred Galvin who was accused of war crimes.  He gives us an update on that story along with future stories in the works.