Buck has been a friend to the website at large since around it’s inception, but we’ve never brought him on for a full episode in studio, just the occasional quick update.  So it was cool to sit down with him and get into some interesting subject matter ranging from where the mainstream media gets things wrong, some of his heated debate moments over the years (on CNN in particular,) and also the major problem largely being ignored of the impact of Mexican drug cartels on the U.S.  Sexton’s former job was working as a CIA analyst, so he also gives an interesting perspective on what makes a true subject matter expert.

You can hear “The Buck Sexton Show” live from 6-9 PM EST through iHeartRadio, and it is also available through podcast.  Buck’s newest side venture though, is his podcast “Shields High” detailing the battles that saved Western civilization.  As a history buff, Buck was inspired by the popularity of podcasts like “Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History” to explore this same realm, but to give it some more attitude and flair.  We hope you give it a listen.  Be sure to check out BuckSexton.com, and follow Buck on Twitter @BuckSexton.