A lot of keyboard commandos talk about flying over to Iraq and bringing the fight to ISIS, but SOFREP writer Kurt Troter is the real deal.  A former Marine, Kurt volunteered to fight with the Peshmerga, and the group seems to be getting a taste of some long awaited recognition for their efforts.  Just recently, Norwegian lawmaker Himanshu Gulati nominated the group for a Nobel Peace Prize, which would be well deserved if they win.  We hear the latest on the Syria/Iraq region from Kurt, and him and Jack also discuss some of the funnier cultural divides they picked up over there.  Kurt is now a full-time writer with the site and has been pumping out some tremendous work for us.  You may also remember him from “Inside the Team Room: Peshmerga,” which is available now for subscribers of SOFREP TV to check out.

Jack Murphy also touches on some hard truth regarding the supposed trade of terrorists for Bowe Bergdahl back in 2014, which he believes to have been a disinformation campaign that not many are talking about.  You will not want to miss it.  We also check your emails sent to [email protected] — keep ’em coming.