As the title suggests, this was a very fun episode that covered quite a few topics, and just may have been a little scatterbrain.  The first time Jack and I met Alex in person was earlier this year at SHOT Show, and we haven’t had him on in a while, so an update from the Marine staff writer was in order.  SHOT Show 2018 was Alex’s first rodeo if you will, so we hear his account of the trade show.  We get into the interesting subject of the Department of Defense allocating money into the studying of UFOs.  We also talk China’s space program forging ahead, and if this is a possible threat to the future of Russia and the U.S. in such endeavors.  This then brings us to some Star Trek talk, and Alex and Jack nerd out pretty hard.

Alex has also gained quite a following with his weekly “Old Man Fitness” column.  He gives some great tips to those getting back in the game, and trying to get in shape.  Hollings also tells what his goal is when writing about fitness, and some of the nonsense on social media he aims to debunk that inspires his writings in this field.  As always, we appreciate the support, follow us @SOFREPRadio if you’ve yet to, and keep the 5 star reviews on Apple Podcasts coming.  We love to read what you have to say.