I have to say, Benni and Jack make for an interesting couple. I mean, how many couples do you know where both parties voluntarily go into the most dangerous of war zones in the world to document and report on what’s going on? One piece of news many of you will be excited to hear here, Argentieri’s directorial debut, “Our War” is now available on Amazon, and it’s even free to view for Amazon Prime members. The film documents three Westerners who volunteered to fight alongside the Kurds in Northern Syria. After you watch, be sure to leave a review and let Benni know your feedback. She’s on Twitter @benargentieri.

Argentieri’s next film “I am the Revolution” from PossibileFilm is in post-production, and this one focuses on the female fighters on the ground fighting terrorism. We hope to see it come out real soon. We discuss the Middle East at large on this show, and what the future holds. We also get into who poses a bigger threat to the U.S. between Russia and China, a subject Jack and Benni are not in agreement on. You’ll also get their take on President Trump planning to meet North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un.

Visit Benedetta Argentieri online at benedetta-argentieri.com, and check out PossibileFilm at PossibileFilm.com.