Every special operations veteran has a unique path that led them to pursue their time in the community. SOFREP writer Luke Ryan is no different, and his origin story is one that you won’t want to miss. What’s of particular interest, is Luke’s experience growing up in Pakistan as a kid. His dad worked as an ophthalmologist in Gilgit running his own eye clinic in the northern disputed territory of Kashmir. Seeing some of the global conflicts there that took place pre-9/11, and the huge change in attitude towards Westerners after the towers fell, is a behind the scenes look that very few can discuss from experience. What was really a game changer though, was Luke finding himself in the heat of a school shooting years later, and his instinct to stay calm really stood out.

Also on this episode we discuss two new appointments to the Trump administration: Dr. Ronny Jackson to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, and John Bolton to National Security Advisor. We talk foreign policy, and also check out the emails you’re sending us to [email protected]. Also of note, Jack Murphy’s memoir “Murphy’s Law” is now up for pre-order. I expect it to be an intense read! Enjoy, and leave us a five-star review when you’re done on Apple Podcasts.