We’ve recorded some awesome shows with SOFREP writer George Hand discussing his heroic work in combating human trafficking (you can check those out on episodes 302 and 334.)  However, as we hinted at on his last appearance, it’s about damn time we got him to talk about his years with 1st Special Forces Group and Delta Force.  After all, a 20 year military career is a hell of a lot more than just a footnote.  Get ready to hear some stories from George’s deployments, as well as some other interesting pieces of info like George’s hobbies with woodworking and photography, and his experience in beginning to learn Mandarin Chinese at 13, which came in handy years later.

Also on this episode, we react to the recent shooting at Youtube headquarters.  We talk some recent military news including the two Marine aircrafts crashing, and the Afghani Air Force airstrike on a madrasa.  Jack Murphy also gets into some of the work that goes into writing a memoir.  If you’re someone who’s thought of writing a book of any kind, he drops some wisdom for you on the process that you’ll find helpful.  On that note, we hope you preorder that book, “Murphy’s Law” drops in October and is on sale now on Amazon.com