Emerson Knives is a brand that’s trusted by everyone from Navy SEALs to NASA astronauts, and that’s why you’ve seen their products in the Crate Club and receiving rave reviews on The Loadout Room. The story of how the company’s founder Ernest Emerson got into crafting these knives is fascinating, and you won’t want to miss it. Ernie is also a skilled martial artist, and was there when mixed martial arts first got its start in America. You’ll hear all about this along with some emotional stories of Emerson knives being a literal lifesaver in dire situations.

Also on Episode 252 we report on the situation on the ground in Israel with the announcement of the U.S. embassy being moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Jack also discusses the recent DOD video recreating what went wrong in the Niger ambush of our Special Forces. We discuss Benghazi and Extortion 17 from there. We love reading your emails, and check out what’s being sent to [email protected], and it’s also a listener that inspires Throat Punch of the Week.