Dan Gordon is no doubt a favorite guest on the show. We receive a great response every time he joins us, but it’s been 2 years since he was last on the podcast. An appearance from the IDF Captain and Hollywood screenwriter was long overdue, but most especially because he’s still active in working with the IDF, and just got back from Gaza. Dan was there in the thick of the action, and gives us a very detailed report of what actually went down, and what he views as a great deal of horribly inaccurate and one-sided media reporting. He gets into names and backgrounds of terrorists killed who attacked Israel on the day of the Embassy moving to Jerusalem, as well as the controversy of a baby killed amid the protests. There’s also some levity though, as Dan tells us a hilarious story of a violent confrontation with Clint Eastwood during the filming of Dan’s movie “Passenger 57.” As some of you already know, Dan wrote a great two-book fiction series based upon terrorist attacks utilizing tunnels called “Day of the Dead,” and he more recently partnered with Sam Sorbo (the wife of “Hercules” actor Kevin Sorbo) on a project. “Let There Be Light” is both a film and book that they worked together on about one man’s journey to faith, some of which is based loosely around Dan’s life which he gets into with us. Be sure to check those out.

Also on this episode we react to Tim Kennedy‘s recent comments on The Joe Rogan Experience about Army recruitment, and Special Forces recruitment in particular, being drastically low. You’ll also hear Jack’s enthusiasm (being sarcastic here folks) to the prestigious Royal Wedding. All that and more on SOFREP Radio Episode 354.