Andy Grant served as a Royal Marine for the U.K., something that he had always dreamed of. The dream however became a nightmare when he received a life changing injury at the hands of The Taliban in Afghanistan to his right leg that he electively amputated because of it’s severity. This is his story which he documents in his new book release “You’ll Never Walk.” The title may seem obvious, but it’s actually a reference to his “You’ll Never Walk Alone” tattoo (paying homage to the song that became the battle cry of The Liverpool Football Club) ironically losing the last word of the phrase during his amputation surgery. As you’ll hear, he laughs about it now, but it took a great deal of willpower to carry on and inspire others the way that he has. Running became therapeutic for him with the ultimate goal of becoming a record holder. He now is, holding the record for the fastest 10K with one leg. We hope that you pick up the book, and you can follow Andy on Twitter and Instagram @AndyGBootneck.  Let him know what you thought of the interview!