Watching the President of the United States shake the hand of North Korea’s dictator early this week was truly a sight to see.  I believe it is something that will be remembered for decades to come, regardless of where things progress from here. For over three decades serving in the CIA, Jack Devine held the prestigious positions of both Acting Director and Associate Director of operations outside the U.S. He’s been on with us twice before, is a wealth of knowledge, and I really couldn’t think of anyone better to react to this major world event. Devine also wrote further on the subject which you can read in his Spring/Summer Intelligence Report for his LLC, The Arkin Group.

Also joining us is Dr. Leonard Wong. You may remember “Lenny” from Episode 327, discussing a culture of lying in the military due in part to a great deal of monotonous paperwork and courses required for soldiers. Well, in some positive news, the military has taken steps to reduce this, and we feel it is in great part due to the study he co-authored, “Lying to Ourselves: Dishonesty in the Army Profession.” We follow up with him to discuss.

Last, you’ll hear about some new material we shot over the weekend for the latest “Inside the Team Room” series. That will be up on The Spec Ops Channel, which you can subscribe to now for only $4.99 a month if you’re not already a Team Room member. Some really awesome content is on the horizon!