SOFREP writer and editor Luke Ryan makes his second appearance on the podcast as we dive into some very important topics. Luke’s been speaking with an employee of Veterans Affairs and a veteran himself, Dan Martin, who’s been strong-armed to stop talking after working to expose VA corruption. Luke has been writing about this, and we discuss getting to the bottom of the many issues veterans have experienced with their care. Is it the fault of the leadership at the top, or a culture of corruption at the VA as a whole? We get Luke’s take.

Next we discuss the future of the war in Afghanistan. Luke has seen a lot of articles asking the same question of why we’re still there, but very few solutions. So we go more in-depth of what we can infer may happen in the coming years. I also Throat Punch a CNN contributor, and check our emails being sent to [email protected]. If you’ve been enjoying recent podcasts, please, leave us a review on Apple Podcasts. We read them all, we love the feedback, and we work hard to get more listeners every show with the versatile guests we bring on.