We always keep a versatile list of spec ops guests, but we actually haven’t had a Navy SEAL on the program in quite a few months — it was a treat to have Jack Carr join us in studio. We actually shot this full episode for YouTube as well, in the new studio, and we hope to do this on a regular basis. So please subscribe to the SOFREP channel on there for much more content to come.

While there are quite a few Navy SEALs out there authoring memoirs (many of whom are friends of the show), Carr is taking a different path. “The Terminal List” is his first thriller novel and it’s received the praise of everyone from Brad Thor to Chuck Norris. We discuss the inspiration behind the book and fulfilling a childhood dream to write. Carr also has an incredible resume serving 20 years in the Navy on multiple SEAL Teams, as well as serving in Special Boat Team Twelve near the end of his military career. We get some great BUD/S stories out of Jack in this episode. So crank it up and enjoy! Be sure to pick up the book and visit the website at OfficialJackCarr.com. That links to all of his social media, so hit him up and let him know how you liked the episode.