The last time Pat McNamara was on the show, he gave the most passionate review of his experience seeing Judas Priest play NYCB Live/Nassau Coliseum. Ever since than, I knew we had to get the former Army operator and current shooting instructor back on to talk metal a little more in-depth. Well, who better to bring on for that discussion than my friend Shawn the Butcher? Shawn’s the voice of Ozzy’s Boneyard, and a host on Liquid Metal — both on Sirius XM Radio. I got him to walk over from their studios to Hurricane Group‘s headquarters, and have a really fun discussion that we hope you’ll be entertained by. We get into topics like the recent death of legendary Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul, our favorite concerts, and some of the reasons why Metallica continues to reign supreme after over 35 years in the music business.

So, this is a break from our usual special operations and foreign policy discussion, but if you’re a metalhead you’ll dig it! I know a lot of operators can attest to metal being the soundtrack for war. Be sure to listen to Shawn over at Sirius XM, follow him on all platforms @ShawnTheButcher, and check out his site, Hails From the Crypt. As for Pat, he’s always staying busy. You can visit him over at and sign up for shooting instruction from the best in the business. Pat’s also very active on Instagram @TMacsInc. So crank it up and rock out!