Kurt Troter served as a Marine and later went on to volunteer fighting with the Peshmerga in Kurdistan. He’s a favorite of the show, and today I get him on to discuss two of his most recent articles. The Crumbling Skeleton of the Islamic State rattles on for now gets into the dwindling cash flow of ISIS after losing oil fields they controlled and losing significant numbers particularly in Afghanistan and Libya. There are, however, still 20-30 thousand members in Iraq and Syria along with reserves estimated in the low hundreds of millions in cash, so the fight is not over. His article Turkish State run media leaks classified information on US military bases in Syria discusses the continuation of strained relations between the US and Turkey, and Turkey’s attempts to sabotage US forces. As usual with Kurt Troter, we do get into some other fun topics as well. We also read a very complimentary email sent to [email protected]. Keep the questions and comments coming.