Luke Ryan is back as a guest on SOFREP Radio. Earlier this month he released a new science fiction book titled, “The First Marauder.” It will be the first in a trilogy by the former Army Ranger. If you’re a fan of shows like “The Walking Dead” or books and movies like “World War Z,” it fits in with that same end of the world genre but with Luke drawing from his own real life experiences that you’ll hear him discuss on this episode. Luke has a love for creating new fictional universes and characters within that universe, and he hopes that you give “The First Marauder” a read.

On this episode we discuss much more though, including our reflections on the death of Senator John McCain and we get an update from him on the war in Afghanistan. Also, we go in-depth with what is now happening in Myanmar/Burma, and the most recent condemnations from the United Nations. I read an email sent to [email protected], and also give you a quick update on the future home of SOFREP Radio. Don’t miss this one!