We always enjoy bringing Marine Corps veteran Alex Hollings on the show and we constantly enter interesting territory. On this episode we get into some recent articles from Alex that focus on Russian weapons technologies, the future of space exploration, and we even get into some alien discussion. We also talk about the recent controversy of Elon Musk enjoying marijuana with Joe Rogan on The Joe Rogan Experience, and the repercussions for this action. This leads to some talk on the recent bill to legalize marijuana in the state of New Jersey which could positively impact veterans. We of course also make sure to discuss Alex’s book out now, “The Perception Wars,”. Be sure to pick it up.

Also, we get a new voice memo courtesy of our friend Gene Farnsworth. He gives us his take on the recent episode with Sean Parnell. Jack and I get serious as we discuss the epidemic of combat veteran suicides. A lot to digest on Episode 388, and we hope it hits the spot for you. Be sure to leave us a review on Apple Podcasts.