Benedetta Argentieri, who many of you know better by now as “Benni,” is excited to discuss her new documentary as she joins us in studio. The film is called “I Am The Revolution” and it follows three females in the Middle East fighting for gender equality in very different ways. One of these women is a politician, one a commander in the Syrian Democratic Army, and another who runs shelters for abused women. This leads to a greater discussion on feminism at large, and what true progress in a society is defined by. The film premieres November 15th at Cinepolis Chelsea, and is a part of the Doc NYC film festival. We hope that you join us, as we’ll all be in attendance along with nearly everyone involved in making the film. I’m excited to see the finished product!

Benni also had the honor of giving a Ted Talk in Milan regarding the film, and she discusses the anxiety of speaking in front of such a large audience. We also read a reaction to the Dale Comstock episode which is getting a great response, and you can send any emails you’d like us to check out to [email protected]. We also get into the recent news out of Saudi Arabia and Turkey’s response, as well as some news on military policy and Jack’s perspective on it.