Here at SOFREP Radio we really pride ourselves on having on a diverse group of guys that are a part of the spec ops community from around the globe featured, and Jeff Depatie is the first guest of ours who served as a sniper/assaulter from Joint Task Force 2. That’s right, the name may ring a bell as you might remember a member of the unit beating the record of longest sniper kill at a mind blowing 3,540 meters. You’ll hear the info from him, from the selection process to the characteristics of the Canadian operators he served alongside. An interesting tidbit he gets into is the secrecy around Canada’s spec ops community, and how it differs from the now more high profile Navy SEALs for example. Currently, Jeff is running The Special Forces Experience as the Chief Course Architect. What they are is a group of seasoned operators giving the ultimate experience of what it means to serve in high stress combat situations for those guys out there who are dying to get a taste of what it’s really like. There’s an excellent video on Vimeo giving a sample of what it is that they do. The men from Canada have been some of the toughest and most crucial in the War on Terror, and it’s an honor to learn about that story first hand.