Jeffrey Wright is an A-List actor who’s starred in films and shows like “The Hunger Games,” “Boardwalk Empire,” “Casino Royale,” and “Westworld.” He’s won Tony, Emmy, and Golden Globe awards for his masterful performances, but how did he get hooked up with a collective of veterans creating poetry to deal with issues like post-traumatic stress from combat and sexual assault in the military? You’ll hear all about it on this episode where he joins us in studio, along with a 26-year veteran of the Army featured in “We Are Not Done Yet,” April Harris. It premieres tonight on HBO @ 8 PM EST, so be sure to tune in right after you check this out. If you’re hearing this after, check HBO for future showtimes.

As you’ll hear, Brandon Webb hosted this episode with me, and we dive into a lot of other major issues and controversies. We also give an update on some great things happening with Crate Club, and if you’re not already a subscriber, now is the time to become one! If you’re a new listener, be sure to subscribe to the podcast. Follow us on Instagram & Twitter @SOFREPRadio, and leave a review on Apple Podcasts.