Imagine setting out on a five day adventure trip to Costa Rica, engulfing yourself in a regimen of yoga, meditation, fitness training, and hiking with a former Marine Scout Sniper turned Special Missions Unit Assault Commander. It certainly sounds like quite a departure from the usual tactical training that’s prevalent among guys retired from the special operations community, but it’s exactly what Todd Opalski sets out to embark on with the Pathfinder Course. It’s a part of his project, Zen Commando. We had Todd on with us four months back on Episode 365 to discuss this, and he’s in studio again to tell us how the project is fleshing out. Quite honestly, it sounds incredible, and you may be itching to get a spot when Camp Zen Commando opens shop after hearing more.

Also on Episode 404, we answer your emails sent to [email protected]. We love getting them as well as your voice memos, keep ’em coming. Plus, how could we not give our reaction to Lieutenant Commander, Navy SEAL, and now Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw making an appearance on Saturday Night Live? He delivered a swift verbal throat punch as well as a heartfelt message with comic Pete Davidson in a rare moment of Americans coming together. Enjoy our show? Then we ask you to follow us on Instagram and Twitter @SOFREPRadio, and please leave us a five-star review on Apple Podcasts.