I first met Ricky as a regular at UFC Gym, and he was a guy that everyone knew, and for good reason. Poh has such a diverse background in his passion for fitness from being a physique competitor, Crossfit trainer, and Olympic weightlifter. I don’t know how we got into it, but one day I learned in addition to all this he served in the Army as a drill sergeant and also worked his way up to being a Level 4 Combatives Instructor. Naturally, I asked him to come on the podcast a few times. It took some coaxing, but somehow a couple of years later as he also become a member of the NYPD, I convinced him to join us in studio…and you’ll be glad I did.

Ricky discusses with us why he joined the Army and why his background made for a natural transition to becoming a police officer. He also talks some of the difficulty in between that period of finding what career path he set to embark on. He also gets into how his Chinese ethnic background made for some interesting clashes from his career choice, to his interest in Japanese martial arts, which delivers some laughs. The guys also give their take on the first female to pass Special Forces assessment, and we read an email as well as a voice memo from our shipmate Gene Farnsworth sent to [email protected].