Post-Vietnam service, extraterrestrials, and UFO encounters? Sounds like a strange array of topics there, but Green Beret and author Jim Morris is quite a fascinating man of many interests. Jim was last on Episode 346, where we went pretty in-depth discussing his time in Vietnam among other things, so this episode we got into some different territory. “The Devil’s Secret Name” is one of Jim’s many books, and since Jack recently picked it up again, it was the catalyst for much of what we covered on here.

Also on this episode we answer a thought-provoking question emailed to [email protected], and react to the charging of two Navy SEALs and two MARSOC Marines in the murder of Green Beret Logan Melgar. Last week we were also at the premiere for “I Am The Revolution” directed by Benedetta Argentieri. We both were very impressed and give our reactions to the film.

With that, we wish ALL of you in our audience a very happy Thanksgiving Day. Especially those down range sacrificing time away from their families to protect us. Stay safe, and may God bless you all!

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