Hurricane Group just held our end-of-year meeting for 2018 to brainstorm and discuss what we have coming up in the new year. It’s all very exciting stuff, and I know that many of you, our listeners, have been with us for a long time and feel invested in what we do. So this episode is mainly for you guys, the diehards.

Nick Coffman joins us in studio who was just promoted to the Editor in Chief across all of our sites such as The Loadout Room, while Jack Murphy remains dedicated in his role to Editor in Chief solely at Newsrep. Back on board with the site as a staff writer is Jamie Read A.K.A. Jay, I know that many of you are familiar with this work over the years. Staff writer Alex Hollings will now also be handling our site devoted to military aviation Fighter Sweep, in addition to his work at Newsrep (the man stays kind of busy.) In addition to that, we currently have an amazing giveaway sponsored by Crate Club and The Loadout Room for an Axelson Precision Custom Elite 6.5 Creedmoor Rifle Package at; and this you do not want to pass up on!

Beyond that we followup with Nick on the aftermath of his amazing work covering Fred Galvin and the MARSOC 7 being exonerated a decade later after false accusations of war crimes. So dig in, and get the full scoop on all of this with us.