On December 16th President Trump went on Twitter to announce his plans in reviewing the case of Major Matt Golsteyn, a Green Beret who was charged with the murder of an enemy combatant. Gosteyn may have acted in a manner that goes against the Geneva Conventions and the Manual for Military Courts Martial article 118. This stemming from an interview during a CIA interrogation, routine for the job selection process, in 2011, and then during an appearance five years later on Fox News.

Former Army Brigadier General A.J. Tata, now a regular on the podcast, wrote an excellent piece for Fox News explaining this. The op-ed also pans critics of the President’s that have snubbed his right in reviewing this important case. Tata also has a brand new book out titled “Dark Winter,” the fifth in his Jake Mahegan thriller series. We get into the inspiration behind this book dealing with tech giants censoring opposition voices.

Also on this show is a former Marine with 3rd Recon Battalion, 1st MSOB, Chris Duplantis. What makes Chris’s background unique is his history in three different branches of the military. If you’re a member of the armed forces interested in going into a different branch, you may find this information useful.

In addition, Jack and I dig into the conspiracy realm, and some theories often discussed by the alt-right. A whole lot covered on Episode 414 that you don’t want to miss! Enjoy the show? Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts, it’s quick to do and we love to hear your feedback.