It may be the day after Christmas, but that didn’t stop us from hitting you with a brand new episode. Okay, truthfully, all credit to Newsrep writer Jamie Reed for insisting we give the people an update on the happenings in Ukraine. If not for him, you’d likely be hearing a “best of.” It’s been a while since the former British Reconnaissance operator joined us, and he was enthusiastic to give us some news on the region. It’s a subject which he often writes about, as many of you Newsrep readers know. Also, interestingly enough, Jack Murphy and Jay first made contact in Syria, so we get the guys take on the withdrawal from the region.

Hope you enjoy this episode, and most importantly, whether you got to spend the day with loved ones, or you’re stuck overseas protecting our freedom, we hope you had a very Merry Christmas. To those ladies and gentlemen downrange, stay safe for us.