2018 was a great year for SOFREP Radio. We recorded over 100 episodes of kick ass content, had more listeners checking us out than ever before, and a variety of awesome guests from all different backgrounds. Of those guests, here are excerpts from 5 of the most listened to of 2018.

Pat McNamara joins the podcast as we discuss a HALO jump story as told to us by George Hand. Andrew Wilkow discusses hyperbolic news, national security, and knowing Steve Bannon prior to him joining the Trump administration. Ed Darack, who will be back on with us later this month, gets into the real story behind Operation Red Wings…and it’s a controversial one. Mike Vining recalls his experience in Vietnam and the tragic death of his teammate Ken Foster. We wrap it all up with Navy SEAL and now Congressman Dan Crenshaw, joining us early on in the campaign trail as we have a frank discussion on foreign policy.

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