Although we had some fun recording this episode discussing some lighter subject matter, as you can see from the title, we largely focused on the most serious military issue of our time, veteran and active-duty suicide. I am joined by Alex Hollings this episode as the former Marine and writer discusses why this is an issue he’s so passionate about. Alex recently wrote an article up now on Newsrep regarding the VA abandoning the issue and not using over 6 million dollars allocated for suicide prevention related media. Alex was disgusted by the move, felt that their explanation for the oversight was weak, and you’ll hear why. We also give some suggestions to those struggling with these thoughts, and point out that there are some great organizations like GallantFew focused on this crisis.

In other news, Alex is now the editor for our aviation site, Fighter Sweep. He gets into his passion for the subject matter and why he jumped at the chance to run this site for Hurricane Media. Alex is currently looking for WWII bomber crewmen to interview for the site, so if you know someone, be sure to contact him on Twitter at @AlexHollings52.