Newsrep writer Joseph LaFave last appeared on Episode 394, and we have him back on to give an update on some hard hitting news from around the globe. We first start off with news out of Venezuela, as covered in Joseph’s article, “The walls around Venezuela’s socialist Maduro regime are crumbling.” We later go to headlines out of Africa and give an update on the second deadliest ebola outbreak ever. Joseph gets into his findings on cruise ship crime and maritime law, a subject he’s intrigued by. We discuss two Americans fighting for ISIS who have now been captured. In addition, we get an update on the National Guard unit Joseph has embedded with which he previously discussed the last time he joined us.

Most interesting of all probably, we get into a discussion on what happened to the body of Osama bin Laden. Jack does not buy the buried at sea explanation, and you’ll hear why. So don’t miss it.