Newsrep writer Stavros Atlamazoglou joins us for the first time this episode to cover some news in the the special operations field from around the globe. For those who haven’t gotten to know Stavros from his excellent work on Newsrep as a full-time writer with us, he has a unique background having served in Greece’s 575th Marines Battalion and Army HQ prior to moving to the U.S. to pursue his undergrad in history at Johns Hopkins University.

On Episode 425 we cover the story of the brave SAS operator who responded to a terrorist attack in Nairobi, Kenya. From there we get into recent issues involving war crimes in both Australia and the U.S.’s special operations communities, and the intricacies of this problem in parts of special operations culture. Stavros reveals a piece he’s also currently in the works on involving a crucial DEVRGU op that took place in the 90s. Beyond his daily writing duties, Stavros has also been hard at work on Newsrep’s Financial Report that we hope you become a member of today to secure a brighter future tomorrow. The guys from the site are hard at work feeding you great information on the defense sector and it’s effect on global markets.