For the past several years, former Marine and editor here at Hurricane Media Nick Coffman has been writing in-depth about the true story behind the men known as MARSOC 7. Much of what he wrote was from information relayed to him from the commanding officer of these men, Marine Corps Major Fred Galvin. While Galvin was still in the fight to clear his name, we had him join us previously on Episodes 198 and 206. You can go back to these episodes as well as Nick Coffman’s many articles covering what went down through court documents and testimony to learn the full backstory. Galvin joins us on this episode to speak of the good news of MARSOC 7’s name being cleared with this recent vindication. He expands on the unfair perception of what went down that was painted by the media and many political leaders. Galvin hopes to continue his career with The Marine Corps from here, and we get into that as well. We also get his take on the more recent charges of war crimes against Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, as well as a discussion on China which we hope to expand upon for a future episode with Fred.

We recorded this episode prior to learning of the death of Navy SEAL Ron Bellan. We learned about this through social media and do not have any further details at this time. Ron was a previous guest of this podcast on Episodes 126 & 139. He was a great man I had the pleasure of meeting at SHOT Show and we here at Hurricane Media are deeply saddened learning of this information.