Actor Max Martini has been seen in some amazing hit films, including many in the military/war category such as “13 Hours,” “Captain Phillips,” and “Saving Private Ryan.” It’s no shocker that we’ve gotten plenty of requests to get him as a guest to the podcast, and we’re excited to bring him on for the first time. His latest film “Sgt. Will Gardner” not only follows the story of a veteran struggling to transition to civilian life played by Max, but 30% of the proceeds are going to some amazing charities he’s involved in. These charities are focused on the mission of helping veteran homelessness, PTSD, and TBI. Max not only stars in the film, but he wrote and directed this, and it was truly a passion project which he hopes to make an impact with for a cause he feels so strongly about. Although Martini credits the VA with helping many veterans, he often hears about where they may be failing, and he discusses this with us.

Sgt. Will Gardner” will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on February 19th, so pre-order it now, and you’ll be able to check it out before you know it as we’re only a few days away from it’s release. You can follow Max on Twitter and Instagram @MaxMartiniLA. Let him know what you thought of the interview.