Michael Schlitz has been a friend to the show for many years now, in fact you can hear Mike way back on Episode 66 getting into his inspiring story. For those who don’t know, Mike was struck by an IED during a road clearing mission back in 2010 in Iraq, disfiguring and burning practically his entire body. This led to a grueling recovery process as one can only imagine which he describes in greater detail in his RangerUp published article. Through tragedy however, Mike sparked a deep friendship with actor and veteran advocate Gary Sinise leading to a smarthome that catered to Mike’s injuries built by Gary’s foundation as well as a position as a Military & Veteran Resource Manager. Mike now travels the country through his work, and is also a Special Adviser to another great veteran transition organization, GallantFew. We get an update on Mike’s life, and discuss the future of helping veterans suffering from post-traumatic injury, and working to stop the epidemic of veteran suicide.

Also on Episode 438 we cover former US Army Specialist Chelsea Manning being jailed for refusing to testify in a case regarding Wikileaks, Kristina Wong’s piece for Breitbart about the lowering of standards for Green Berets, and we discuss the repercussions of clickbait journalism in today’s society. With Jack’s book a month away from it’s publish date, he’s also getting started on the publicity circuit. His first stop in promoting the book was an hour-long sit-down with Patrick Bet-David for Valuetainment, it’s receiving an incredible response. We suggest you check it out.