Kenneth Steiger served a Special Agent in the FBI from the 1980’s until 2006, and was assigned to major cases in organized crime like the Colombo family. He even worked on the famous case of the largest Ponzi scheme in history with Bernie Madoff. We really get the lowdown on mafia crime in New York City from Steiger, and you do not want to miss it. Also on this show, Steiger gives his take on what he sees as a massive politicization of intelligence in more recent years, and from there we get into the highly publicized cases of Trump and Russian collusion, as well as Hillary Clinton’s private email server. We discuss how things have changed from the days of primitive wiretaps, to threats made publicly on social media. We rarely hear from those with a background in the FBI on here, so it was a real privilege to sit down in studio for this nearly two-hour discussion.