Last week, many of you heard our interview with Michael Ames discussing his book “American Cipher: Bowe Bergdahl and the U.S. Tragedy in Afghanistan.” Well, so did Matt Vierkant, a man who personally got to know Bowe Bergdahl when they served together in Afghanistan prior to Bowe’s sudden disappearance. Matt decided to read the book as well, and felt that there were some discrepancies he wanted to rebut, and as a friend of the show, we’re always glad to have Matt come on and join us. Matt feels the book is biased in taking the side of Bergdahl, someone he views as an unstable and unreliable source, and that there are still many unanswered questions that we regrettably may never know. We had a thoughtful discussion with Matt just like we did with Ames, and hopefully this will give you, the listener, a better idea of a very puzzling piece of American history.

Next guest on this episode is our friend Marine Corps Major Fred Galvin. On a more recent appearance with Galvin, we hinted at a future show discussing China in-depth, and here it is. Galvin spent time in China as a Marine, and a lot of time in Asia at large while serving his country. We get into the future of the communist superpower, and issues including China’s social credit system and the deadly importation of Chinese fentanyl to the American market. We also get into more recent troubling news out of Asia as missiles were launched from North Korea to South Korea. Lots to ponder on this episode as we look into the future of the world.